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Services: Bulk Mineral Scan

Scope of the study, deliverables & methodology
  • Bulk Mineralogy including qualitative Sulphides/Fe-Oxides mineralogy
  • Morphology and semi-quantitative liberation and association of Sulphides/Fe-Oxides
  • Manual point counting analysis data
  • Photomicrographs for Sulphides/Fe-Oxides association
  • Gangue mineralogy from X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis
  • SEM-EDS/Micro-probe compositional analysis of altered phases

Bulk Mineral Scan designed to provide the overview of mineralogical/petrographic information of new samples and problematic products. This study consists of
  • brief petrographic examination, photomicrographs, estimating grain sizes, associations and abundances
  • point-counting exercise for sulphides/Fe-Oxide phases, liberation and association data
  • XRD examination on the non-opaques (silicates/carbonates).
General Mineral Scan is not quantitative mineralogy analysis but provides an overview for broad problem-solving assistance for the metallurgists. All rights reserved.