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Services: Quantitative Novel Gold Deportment

Scope of the study, deliverables & methodology
  • Bulk Mineralogy including sulphide and Fe-Oxide-mineralogy study.
  • Quantitative modal mineralogy and liberation study of sulphide & Fe-Oxides.
  • Pre-concentration of Composite Head and Tailings for sulphides and visible gold morphology scan that includes size, shape and liberation of gold grains/minerals.
  • Morphological classification of Pyrite grains.
  • Compositional analysis of visible gold, sulphides and TCM.
  • Visible gold scan using Optical microscopy & automated SEM-EDS/MLA Gold Search.
  • Quantification of sub-microscopic solid solution/colloidal gold.
  • Characterization of carbonaceous matters and its preg-robbing properties.
  • Speciation and quantification of surface preg-robbed gold in carbonaceous matters.
In summary, this gold deportment study will establish and quantify all major forms & carriers of gold. All rights reserved.